Frequently Asked Questions


Use either the arrow keys on your keyboard to walk around or your mouse. On touchscreen devices you can simply tap on your desired destination, rotate by swiping in any direction or pinch to zoom in and out of rooms.

The button on the bottom left allows  you to change your view to the floorplan view or the dollhouse view.
Our 3D Virtual Tours can be set to “Public or Private” Models set to Public are discoverable via Google search (and likely in other ways in the future). Models set to private can not be (easily) shared. Please contact us for more information.
Our virtual tours are best captured during sunrise or sundown. Bright sunlight, Fluorescenced Lights or not low lit areas may affect the quality of the end results.
Our virtual tours can be viewed on any device that has a webbrowser, like desktops, tablets or mobiel devices. However the browsers on the viewing devices need to be up-to-date and running webGL. This is the current standard, for instance; Google Chrome and Apple iOS 8, include webGL as a default setting.
Yes it is possible to have your company name or logo branded on top of the virtual tours.

However there is no option to fully white label a tour, the “3D Showcase” logo will always be part of the virtual tour. This can be compared to the Youtube logo on any video, it’s an assurance of the quality of the service.
A typical model may take up to 10 seconds to load on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The load speed is mainly dependent of the speed of the connection, and the size of the unit.
Yes, this is possible, we can provide you with measurements of any unit that we scan. It’s also possible to create a floor plan of any room. Please contact us for more information.
Yes it’s possible. Please contact us for more information.